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Recent additions: Ainsworth family tree and photos and History of J. & S. & W. Ltd
A scan of the autobiography of Charles Chapel Davis. See Ainsworth family history page.

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Ainsworth, Willway and Davis families

Family tree and photos
Family history and other documents
Reginald Ainsworth's childhood
Capt John Willway Phillips and the Willway family
The Rev A.R.Down tapes

Wates family

Wates Family Saga
George Leslie Wates (1884-1958)
"What's In A Name" by Louise Wates - the story of Dominic Wates
List of websites of members of the Wates family
Robert Argles (1938 - 2012)

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Andor Teleki memoirs
Teleki firm brochure

Lucy Winifred Wates - Art Work

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