The ancestors and families of William and Lydia Ainsworth

1. Draft history. This history is an initial draft prepared in 2006 and based on research I did in 1964. It just deals with the ancestors in the Ainsworth, Willway and Davis families. I am at present working on an expanded version which will include the lives of William and Lydia Ainsworth themselves and something about the early lives of their children.
Brian Wates 2023

2. Portraits of some of their ancestors, William and Lydia themselves and their children in the form of a family tree.

3. Charles Chapel Davis autobiography. This is referred to in the history. There are 92 pages and most relate to the politics of the Baptist chapels with which he was involved. I have prepared some notes as an index and summary.

4. Bob Dunn tapes. Their daughter Kathleen married the Rev. Bob Down, who served as a missionary in Madagascar, and this page refers to his dictated reminiscences with a link to one of the tapes and contains a brief biographical note

5. Reginald Ainsworth biography by Lucy Wates

6.Goulter family. Page 27 of the history refers to the emigration of Sarah and Ezra Goulter and the subsequent correspondence. Some of Sarah's letters survived and one of her descendants, Mike O'Shaughnessy, has completed the arduous task of transcribing them. Here are the transcriptions and here are scans of the originals: 1852-1874, 1884-1905, 1911-1912.

Judith Bush and James Goulter, descended from Ezra's brother, Alfred, also in Australia, have produced this history of the Goulter family - "Goulters of the Cotswolds and Beyond". Ezra and Sarah can be found in chapter 6.6 on page 182.

7. Capt Phillips and the Willway family by Deborah and Peter Klein.

8. Wates Family Chattels. A list of chattels with photos and descriptions which had belonged to Leslie and Lucy Wates and which the family recorded as "heirlooms". They were originally in a trust formed in 1987 but this was brought to an end in 2023 and this list records the present owners. They come from both the Wates family and the Ainsworth/Willway family.

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