History of the ancestors of William J.Ainworth and Lydia Ainsworth

This history is an initial draft. As mentioned in the preface it is based on research I did in 1964. There are amendments that I would like to make and up-to-date information to be obtained on the whereabouts of some documents. I also intend to include some maps and portraits. I may also carry out some additional research. I did not however want to delay further in making it available to the family. 42 years is long enough!
Brian Wates 2006

click here for the document which is in PDF format and will need an Adobe Acrobat reader

Click here for portraits of some of the ancestors in the form of a family tree.

Page 27 of the history refers to the emigration of Sarah and Ezra Goulter and the subsequent correspondence. Some of Sarah's letters survived and one of her descendants, Mike O'Shaughnessy, has completed the arduous task of transcribing them. Here are the transcriptions and here are scans of the originals: 1852-1874, 1884-1905, 1911-1912.

The autobiography of Charles Chapel Davis is referred to in the history and here is a copy of it. There are 92 pages and most relate to the politics of the Baptist chapels with which he was involved. I have prepared some notes as an index and summary.

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