Ancestors of William and Lydia Ainsworth

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?? ?? James Ainsworth 1780-1843 and Sarah Reeves John Willway 1760-1825 and Susannah b.1835 ??
William Ainsworth 1746-1811 William Cock 1751-1843 Sarah Davis, née Atwood,1774-1853
John Ainsworth 1790-1845 Sarah Maton George Blake 1805-1847 James Willway 1793-1865
Sarah Blake, née Ainsworth 1805-1887 Mary Gilbert Willway, née Cock,1802-1888 Charles Chapel Davis 1803-1884 Lucy Haines Davis, née Garlick,c.1801-c.1861
James Ainsworth 1826-1900 Matilda Ainsworth, née Blake, 1830-1875 James W.C.Willway 1825-1860 Lucy Hannah Willway, née Davis, 1831-1905
William J.Ainsworth 1855-1943 Lydia L.Ainsworth, née Willway, 1852-1926

William and Lydia's children


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