The memoirs of Andor Teleki (1883-1953)

I was unaware of the existence of the memoirs of my maternal grandfather until recently. Following a visit to his niece Juti Svab in Budapest in Oct 2007 I was supplied with a copy of what was in her possession. This was a typed copy of part of some memoirs. I am informed that this was typed by Juti but the whereabouts of the original is not known. There are clearly bits missing and it finishes with his marriage in 1912. However in addition to his own childhood and youth there are very interesting passages about his father and also information about his grandfather.

Andor Teleki

It was written in Hungarian and has been translated by my cousin Eszter Korodi (not a Teleki cousin) to whom I am indebted for this work and the annotations that she added while translating.

It may be that it was written not long after 1912 because I have more recently become aware that there exists, written in German in 1936, a much more extensive book of over 250 pages,expanding on this earlier version and continuing to 1936. It also includes many photos. This is with Juti Svab's daughter, Erzsi, in Budapest. She arranged to have it scanned.

Brian A Wates 18.3.2009, amended 8.4.2018 and 25.9.2018

They can be viewed here:-
Early memoirs in English.
Original in Hungarian.
1936 memoirs in German. This is a large file and will take a little to download.

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