G.Leslie Wates and Lucy W. Wates (née Ainsworth) and their family

A list of documents, for the first six of which the link is to the page relating to the life of G.L.Wates where there is a narrative and link to relevant documents.

1. The Life of George Leslie Wates by Lucy W.Wates

2. A History of Rowhill Grange.

3. The Pax Wood Story by Helen Grant.

4. Wallace & Co, history

5. A history of Didham Wood, Buckland Monachorum

6. History of J.& S.& W.Ltd

7. Robert Argles (1938-2012) tributes

8. Ainsworth Wates. An account of his meeting and marriage to Marianne Teleki and helping Jewish refugees

9. Lucy Wates' art work

10. History of a Marriage by Barbara Argles. This is an account of their childhoods, marriage and life together put together in the form of a scrap book. Unfortunately the photocopies of letters have deteriorated, not helped by the scanning. This is the second of 4 volumes, the originals being in the possession of Peter Argles

11. Wates family chattels. A list of chattels with photos and descriptions which had belonged to Leslie and Lucy and which the family recorded as "heirlooms". They were originally in a trust formed in 1987 but this was brought to an end in 2023 and this list records the present owners. They come from both the Wates family and the Ainsworth/Willway family.

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