Wates Family Saga

This is a book that was written by my great-aunt, Margaret Pitt being completed in 1974. It records all members of the Wates family, being descendants of George Wates of Erith, Kent (abt 1720 - 1770), of whom she was able to find a record. So far as is known all persons with the name Wates, other than two or more families in the United States, one being a family of Afro-Americans, are descended from this George. Margaret maintained contact with a large number of cousins and the book contains many fascinating biographical sketches

Following Margaret's death in 1992 I felt that it would be a shame if her work became fixed in time, and that it should be continued. I and Ian Roberts of Ontario, Canada (a descendant of William Wates (1816-1894)),accordingly scanned, edited and updated it and the First Revised Edition in electronic form was completed in 1999.

Since then I have continued to update it with information from members of the family with whom I am in contact or who contact me or Ian and the latest edition is available on request. Please contact either Ian or myself. Any additional information and entries would be very welcome

The Saga uses a reference system under which each member of the family has a unique reference consisting of a series of letters which reflect his branch and generation. This is used in the newsletters and the links below

Here is a tree which is a guide to the links between the branches of the family, the reference system and the chapters in the book


I have circulated a few newsletters and back editions are available as follows:

February 2018
February 2006
June 2002
July 1999
February 1998

These are circulated by email to every member of the family for whom I happen to have an email address, and to others without email who have requested it.

Family links

I have identified various websites belonging to members of the family



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