Lucy Winifred Wates' art work

Lucy Wates (1884-1978) studied art as a young lady and taught it briefly before her marriage in 1910. Thereafter it remained her great hobby until her sight became too poor in the late 1950s. She painted in studios at home and out of doors when travelling. She excelled in watercolour landscape paintings and there are also some good still life oil paintings of flowers. Although she attempted portraiture she was never very successful although there are some good sketches. There are also some very good etchings. In the 1960s she took up pottery with her workshop in one of the outbuildings at Rowhill Grange and her kiln in the utility room.

She never attempted to sell her paintings. Although it was always just a hobby, her output was considerable, the finished works ending up with numerous members of the family. This page of my website, put together in 2017, is an attempt to gather together photos of her work in one place. Anyone in possession of pieces is requested to let me have photos so that I can add them.

I have divided them into a number of categories. Click on the relevant image to view those in each category.

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Rowhill Grange





Portraits and Miscellaneous




When her grandson, Gavin Grant (born 1940) was a small boy, Lucy made up stories to tell him about a mouse called Nibby. She later put them together in a beautiful hand written book, with illustrations, called "Stories of Nibby, told to Gavin by Grandma". It is in Gavin's possession.Click on the image for a scanned copy of it . Some sketches for the book can be seen in item 6 on the Miscellaneous page.
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